Publish at March 08 2023 Updated March 08 2023

Mafalda: a popular figure of indignation

How did Quino think this lucid little girl?

Mafalda is a comic book heroine unlike any other. This 6-year-old Argentine girl who is extremely lucid about her world makes strong judgments about her friends as well as her own parents.

His creator, Quino, comes from a very politically engaged family himself and so he has put his indignation on both capitalism and dictatorial regimes. As the Argentine dictator Ongania gains power, the author tries through the back door to criticize the government without risking prison. He succeeded, not without a bit of self-censorship.

His world was heavily tinged by Schulz's Charlie Brown and he draws on it to create Mafalda's band of friends. Indeed, like Schulz, the children here are almost as much adults as those they are with. A strangeness that is widely accepted by readers who love the character and even follow him in cartoon. Although he could have gone on for a long time, Quino stops in 1974 to avoid redundancy.

Length: 3min16

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