Publish at February 17 2004 Updated March 08 2023

Proposal of virtual learning activities / pedagogical activities

A surprising variety of learning activities

After viewing several hundred distance learning courses and training sites, one comes to the conclusion that with a little imagination and work, it is possible to transpose any human experience into the Internet.

It goes without saying that sooner or later a technological or financial brake will present itself, but the possibility is there.

Many platforms try to replicate a classroom, but fortunately the majority of others instead have the ambition to enrich the student experience with increasingly elaborate and interesting learning activities.

The Internet has the immense quality of networking people and resources. We now have the opportunity for a thousand and one activities that combine participants, resources, and technology. Starting with the Internet's inexhaustible information resources or the thousands of simulators and animated demonstrations... See: Directory of Learning Object Repositories or Directory of Open Courses and Moocs or Directory of Educational Videos

Here's a summary of the learning activities we've encountered around the Internet.

Summary of learning activities encountered in virtual campuses

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  • Traditional Activities
    • Professor demonstrations
    • Demonstrations
    • Case study
    • Application exercises
    • Lectures
    • Relating
    • Professor's questions
    • Reminders
    • Research
    • Summaries/reports/compilations/polls
    • Reviews

  • "Project-based" activities
    • Student demonstration
    • Public presentation
    • Actual production (programming, media, hardware, etc.)
    • Group project
    • Individual project
    • Student research and presentation
    • Action research

  • Collaborative activities
    • Collaborative Writing
    • Brainstorming
    • Complex production (film, video, audio, game, etc.)

  • Dynamic activities
    • Competition - contest
    • Experiments
    • Role playing
    • Serious games
    • Simulations

  • Animation activities
    • Online Colloquia
    • Debate - Discussion
    • Hacketon
    • Testimonials - interviews
    • Visits

  • Evaluation activities
    • Formative assessment
    • Mutual assessment
    • Preparation tests

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