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Eurocatering, Restaurant Vocabulary in 12 European Languages

Immersive Learning Environment. Vocabulary Used in a Bar or Restaurant.

'Eurocatering' is a website for learning cooking and catering vocabulary, in twelve European languages.

A great number of young people travel throughout Europe and in the quest to finance their trips, look for small jobs. The catering industry is a great provider of seasonal jobs. However, one needs to know a minimum of specialized vocabulary,  in order to work in the industry.

The Eurocatering website has been designed for this purpose. It is an immersive language learning environment, which allows the learner to acquire vocabulary related to the industry and the practice of familiar phrases or sentences, such as one might hear in a bar or restaurant.

First, one must register to use the site, and it is free. After,  choose a source and target language, from the twelve languages, namely; English, Norwegian, Spanish, French, German, Gaelic, Italian, Dutch, Slovak, Polish, Finnish and Galician. Enough to greatly expand the opportunities for travel in Europe!

Not Only the Customer but also the Chef and Manager

The learner will first learn a large number of words, in the various parts of the restaurant "The cloche", which will constitute their learning environment. One can choose to start the learning journey in any section of their choice: hall, kitchen, office.

Once this basic vocabulary is acquired (section by section), the learner will have to interact with a counterpart (cook, manager, or customer, depending on the chosen section.) The learner interprets phrases as he/she hears and chooses the appropriate answers, which he/she will hear also.

The learners track their progress in the portfolio that is made available. Additional information on non-verbal communication, important views in the catering industry, and also has the opportunity to use a blog.

Eurocatering is an amazing platform that deserves to be recommended to anyone considering working abroad in the catering industry.

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