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Diploma equivalencies in another country and international exchanges

What is a degree worth in another country?

What is a degree worth in another country?

Just think that the "bachelor's degree" earned in Europe and Africa is the equivalent of a high school diploma in America, or that because of the laws that define the responsibilities of members of professional orders, an engineering, lawyer or doctor's degree will have completely different value depending on the country from which it was issued because of whether or not the training will have considered the level of responsibility in question.

In fields such as health, education, and many others, precisely defined protocols, norms, and acceptable standards vary from country to stands to reason that the recognized training must consider them, otherwise there is no equivalency without supporting training.

Bref, before assuming any value to a degree abroad, it is best to be well informed....

Thot Cursus Directory - Degree Recognition Resources


  • ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
  • ENIC-NARIC - ENIC: European Network of Information Centres - NARIC: National Academic Recognition Information Centres in the European Union
  • World Education Services - International Academic Credential Evaluation) Like the following - Fee-based
  • Credential Evaluation Service - American Universities Admission Program Translation of diplomas (fee-based service). USA
  • CUCAS: portal for foreign students wishing to study in China





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