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What Is a MOOC Really Worth on Your CV?

The Recognition of MOOCs in the Professional World.

With the opportunity offered to all to take courses from prestigious universities for free or at a lower cost, universalization of quality education, less restrictive training, and much more, we have lost count of the benefits of MOOCs. (Directory).

But beyond the idealization of this practice, many still wonder what the real value of a MOOC is on a CV. Put another way, can take a MOOC to add more value to your CV? If so, how do you go about it? What exactly is the recognition of MOOCs in the professional world?

From the Image of MOOCs in the Professional World

Beyond the naive optimism on MOOCs read and heard here and there, the debate around the academic value of MOOCs remains open or whole.

Non-issuance of diplomas, ease of participants to resort to cheating during assessments, lack of personalized follow-up of learners, the discredits on MOOCs are many and sometimes deal a serious blow to the image of this type of education.

The professional circles seem to have this paradoxical thing that innovation (on the technical level) and respect for traditions (regarding the assessment of skills) seem to be anchored in the DNA of companies. While recruitment methods are evolving and increasingly taking into account technological developments (through the use of social networks and the consideration of applicants' image in these spaces, in the criteria for evaluating an application, for example), the criteria for evaluating applicants' skills remain the same. University degrees (or professional degrees in some cases) are still an essential criterion for recruitment. It is therefore difficult for MOOCs to make a place for themselves there, as their value is so questionable.

As MOOCs do not yet issue a university degree, the skills acquired by participants are therefore quite difficult to assess.  At best, " certificates " or " badges " are issued to those who have done well. Certificates are sort of equivalent to attestations. And even. But, how then to value one's participation in a MOOC on one's CV?

The Added Value of a MOOC on Your CV

The extent of the MOOCs phenomenon seems to have pushed many professionals to give a certain interest to this type of education in their criteria. For example, many recruiters and HR managers are increasingly confident about the added value of a MOOC on a CV. They are not considered academic degrees but still bring a plus to your CV.

According to Céline Chaudeau, participating in a MOOC " looks good on a CV ". She thus shares the opinion of Ludovic Guilcher, deputy HR manager of a large telephone company who, as she affirms, " encourages participants to mention their active participation in MOOCs on their CV " because "having followed these online training courses can be an additional argument to be recruited later".

On the same topic, the site Diplomeo has listed some MOOCs that could weigh heavily on a CV, especially if your areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, project management, law, the so-called exact sciences, culture, journalism, and media, among others.

Moreover, many companies are now placing MOOCs at the heart of their hiring strategies, as these Lyon students affirm. Indeed, " many platforms on which MOOCs are held offer companies a form of coordination: the former offer to make available to the latter the CVs of participants in the MOOCs of the platform concerned. This connection between participants and companies is made thanks to a kind of algorithm that matches the requests of companies with the profiles of students ". A kind of " talent hunt " that many companies fully assume.

In addition, graduating or not, to include your participation in a MOOC in your CV, is "a real added value that will demonstrate your motivation, your knowledge and your desire to learn ", points out Elise Balon. This would, for example, give an HR manager going through your CV, an idea of your degree of involvement in the realization of a project and would denote a certain form of respect for your commitments (here personal certainly, but which could well apply to the professional).

But, where to mention it on your CV?

Putting Down a MOOC on Your CV

MOOCs would thus have a good place on a CV. However, to highlight them on one's CV, everyone goes about it in their way. Elise Balon for example, says she has created a section " Professional Development " in which she fills in all the MOOCs she has taken, certified or not. And of course, she does not forget " to also add the name of the organization or the person who led each MOOC to further legitimize it ". Arnaud Gien-Pawlicki, head of recruitment and HR manager in a French company, believes that the place of MOOCs on a CV is between the headings "education" and "interests". It's up to you. And to innovate perhaps too.


No matter what one says, following a MOOC from start to finish, still brings out some non-negligible qualities. It requires self-discipline and a lot of organization, important qualities sought by many companies.

A MOOC thus allows you to show a potential employer that you are motivated, capable of being proactive and that, in addition, you experience (perhaps well) certain ease with technologies.

Illustration: Gazlast - ShutterStock

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