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Using a simulation to practice marketing

A perfect tool for marketing students that covers the essentials of e-commerce

To learn complex concepts, there is nothing better than putting them into practice. It is especially in the action that the learnings take meaning. But you have to find ways to do it. Because if the more technical subjects can easily be practiced in workshops, it becomes more difficult when you fall into the abstract.


For example, theories on marketing may well be learned by students, yet it is only when they leave school that they can really practice. At least, that was true until recently.

A playful simulation

In fact, the Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci (EMLV) has recently been using a simulation tool with a playful twist to prepare its digital marketing students.

The school uses Simbound, an app expressly designed for business faculties. Moreover, the site boasts various universities using it, such as the Vienna University of Economics and Business or the Normandy School of Management. It is intended as a way for teachers to implement a marketing simulation in the digital sphere.

The game is played over several rounds and in teams. In the EMLV simulation, each is responsible for an online business site that sells electronic tablets. So there are 3 modules à the experience.

The first one deals with marketing campaign management with paid search. The second deals with web management and analytics with layout and «landing pages», among others. Finally, the last one forces them to think about the personalization of messages according to the different sectors of the market with the sending of newsletters.


A method loved by students

This approach, as the professor in charge explains, simulates real-life situations of a marketing worker and does so in an ethical way. In fact, there is no need to use a real brand name and advertise it unintentionally. Students can work with virtual companies and foster valuation work.

In fact, thought for pedagogy, faculty can easily follow the course and impacts of decisions of different groups. It can allow for personalized feedback based on the data gathered through the game-based simulation.


For the teacher, the use of Simbound provided an opportunity to properly accompany the concepts taught during the course. In addition, the game does not penalize those who were too slow or uncoordinated since they can continue in the following rounds. It is therefore a solution that forces teamwork and has enriched the journey of these students who said they hope that other such initiatives will be implemented during their schooling.


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