Publish at September 22 2008 Updated October 06 2022

Lenntech: complete and environment-oriented periodic table of elements

Health and environmental effects of each element

Lenntech is an environmental company specializing in air and water treatment.

It stands to reason that knowledge of the chemical elements and their most common compounds is essential to the work of its employees and no doubt to the awareness of its customers.

Elements and their effects explained

So Lennntech, in partnership with Delft Technical University, is making a periodic table of the elements accompanied by the health and environmental effects of their main compounds.

Each box in the table is linked to a page displaying the details of the element, its pictures according to different states and properties as well as its health  and environmental effects.

Technical words such as "transuranic" are linked to definitions from the encyclopedia "Wikipedia", a simple and effective way that should be emulated by many educational sites.

All pages exist in ten languages, including Arabic.

Nice work, without artifice and clear. One can only wish for a similar reference for molecules and radicals.

Lenntech: periodic table of elements

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