Publish at September 24 2021 Updated May 16 2022

YouTube channels to improve your language skills

More than just listening: soaking up


Do you understand me?

YouTube is now available in more than 60 languages, and of its 2 billion users each month, many are messing with foreign language videos. To increase the popularity of these videos, many are subtitled in different languages. From there, thousands of people are exposed to cultures they never knew existed before the Internet.

Korea provides a great example of amplified influence. Its culture is now widely disseminated both in video and music; the K-pop is racking up hits, with the effect that many people want to better understand what is being presented and want to learn Korean.

This phenomenon extends to just about every culture, as long as it has an Internet presence. The French are no exception to the phenomenon and it is possible to learn most languages from French, accompanied by speakers who are comfortable with the foreign language but who speak French. Thot Cursus' directory of balados for learning European languages already gives a good idea of the extent of the practice.

Learning and exchanging online

But listening to someone is not as effective as seeing and hearing them, and in video it is also easier to add explanations, illustrations, and context. English is obviously the most used language on the Internet. Especially if you are a networked video game player, English is vital and will serve as a bridge between players of different nationalities; but if you also use a few snippets of your partner's or opponent's language, the emotional effect will be appreciated. Understanding each other better is always an advantage.

Here are 7 language learning video sites. It is possible to find them for most languages. There is a variety of approaches, but most of the ones that offer consistency and interesting quality are produced by enthusiasts and professionals and they will not hesitate to respond if you leave a comment.

Some of these videos are very didactic, others very culturally rich, sometimes humorous or completely disorienting, enough to give the taste to start learning a language, then another, waiting to be able to start traveling again.




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