Publish at November 30 2021 Updated December 09 2021

Why do all modern controllers look the same?

Has the ideal formula been found?

The video game world is one of evolution. We've gone from pixels representing a tennis match to replicas of stadiums, players and gestures. Yet since the early 2000s, console controllers have evolved only slightly. They have handles for hands, among other things, and sticks that no gamer would give up. What accounts for that?

In the beginning, games came with all sorts of controllers. Some called joysticks in the shape of a stick like in airplanes and others all flat. Then came the PlayStation around 1995. At the time, Sony wanted a controller design close to what Sega and Nintendo were doing.

Or, Teiyu Goto, a designer, manages to convince the firm's CEO to add handles for a more natural approach and allowing more functions. This revolution will change everything since from that moment on, the 3 video game giants will make controllers like this.

In fact, this one is more in tune with the 3-dimensional games that are becoming the norm. So even Nintendo, which will come up with different ideas like the Wii remote, will also make handle versions of controllers for its consoles.

Time: 9min45

Illustration : Javier Martínez on Usplash

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