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Performance Assessment in the Virtual Classroom

Assess student performance virtually, including compliance issues, feedback models and data analysis

This course will help you effectively assess student performance virtually, including compliance issues, feedback models, online grade book functions, and data analysis. We will discuss why effective measures of performance and assessment are a crucial component of any virtual program, and the importance of teachers and administrators understanding both the myths and challenges of assessing performance virtually, administering standardized testing with geographical challenges, and complying with state and local requirements to make sure students are meeting requirements. 

Through the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Examine the importance of authentic performance and assessment in the virtual classroom.
  • Discuss academic integrity and remote assessments in the virtual classroom. 
  • Apply best practices for data analysis and grade book management.
  • Consider performance and assessment for special populations: gifted, at-risk, and special needs students.
  • Discuss the importance of instructional feedback and monitoring progress and performance using technology.

Program course

  • Module 1 : This module introduces the importance of testing and performance in the virtual classroom and discusses authentic assessment and the value of including multiple measures of assessment within a course. Additional topics include considerations for compliance, auditing, accreditation, and funding, and the preparation of students for high stakes testing, AP course requirements, NCAA requirements, and university admission requirements. Although the reasons why K-12 students take online courses can vary, both parents and students are increasingly seeking courses that are university-approved and are sufficiently rigorous to prepare students for high-stakes testing.
  • Module 2 : This module introduces performance assessment in the virtual setting and discusses the dichotomy between seat time and performance (or subject matter mastery) as the basis for passing a course. In addition, we’ll take a look at academic integrity in the virtual classroom and explore how teachers can effectively guide students in using the many resources that are available online. Finally, we’ll examine several technological advances that can help preserve academic integrity. Ultimately, teachers need to use all means at their disposal to monitor academic integrity in the virtual environment.
  • Module 3 : In this module, we will look at performance and assessment as related to data and data management and explore how the weights, percentages, and number of course assignments affect the total grade outcome of any course. Additionally, we will discuss why the assignments score and weight are just as important as the types of assignments given, the reasonableness of course assessments, and the overall gradebook practices. By using a learning management system (LMS), students can see the layout of their virtual courses throughout the semester in order to analyze the number of assignments given, find out how assignments are weighted, and decide where they should direct their attention and effort in order to succeed.
  • Module 4 : In this module, we will look at performance and assessment as related to three special student populations, e.g., gifted students, at-risk students, and special needs students, and the considerations for how to administer alternate assessments and accommodations in the virtual environment. We will also look at the choice of a learning management system (LMS), and how it plays a major role in how accommodations will be provided.
  • Module 5 : In this module, we will discuss the importance of instructional feedback and how it affects a student's performance in the online setting. We will also determine which instructional feedback tools are appropriate for monitoring and assessing student performance.

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