Publish at March 02 2022 Updated November 03 2022

Agriculture and Digital - White Paper

Faced with climate and societal changes, agriculture is changing

"Previously driven by a logic of intensification and yield in order to feed an ever-increasing population, agricultural sectors must now evolve to adapt to environmental (global warming, collapse of biodiversity, reduction of resources...) and ethical (respect for animal welfare) issues.

Food security, which represents the possibility for all to have daily access to food in sufficient quality and quantity, is thus accompanied today by strong requirements on production methods to make them more sustainable.

We should not believe that technology and digital technology are a panacea; their ecological footprint and their risks are far from negligible.

Researchers Véronique Bellon-Maurel - INRAE, Ludovic Brossard - INRAE, Frédérick Garcia - INRAE, Nathalie Mitton - Inria and Alexandre Termier - University of Rennes 1 / Inria have drawn up an inventory of the current situation and proposed avenues to guide research in order to better understand, control, prepare, equip and accompany the deployment of digital technology in agriculture and in the food chain.

The 140-page document addresses:

  • the issues and challenges around the transformation of agriculture and food systems,
  • the opportunities offered by digital for the agroecological transition, the state of the art,
  • the risks associated with uncontrolled development of digital agriculture, including increasing inequalities,
  • the technical issues and challenges identified that could become the focus of research.

The task at hand is enormous, commensurate with the challenges ahead. While the paper approaches the subject from a digital perspective, it includes several environmental and social considerations that enrich the debate around land use planning, management and sustainable development.

Download "Agriculture and Digital - Making the Most of Digital to Contribute to the Transition to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems" .pdf

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