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The delicate question of teacher recruitment, between autonomy and equality

The quest for a system that would retain candidates continues

Massive retirements combined with a low birth rate have contributed to a staffing shortage across the board. Consequently in both the food service and education sectors, positions are not being filled. In 2021, the successful candidates in the various competitions have not been able to significantly decrease this deficit. All are trying to make recruitment into education more attractive in a context where many professionals drop out after a few years, sometimes even after just one!"

Burnt or bored

Young teacher dropouts are following two paths right now. Some find themselves assigned to more difficult and demanding areas. Without support or coaching, they are quickly burned out by the job and become professionally exhausted. Conversely, others are placed in sensitive classes that challenge them. So when they return to their native region, they are bored stiff, no longer feeling useful. Between "burn-out" and "bore-out," then, it seems that few actually find a satisfying teaching experience. The assignment system fails to adequately meet all expectations.

Changing the system seems essential, but in what form? So far, no approach has had universal approval. The Macron government has tried a new method that would be more effective, according to them: recruitment by profiles.

Marseille, a recruitment laboratory

In September 2021, the president therefore announced that the city of Marseille was possibly going to be at the start of the 2022 school year the environment that would adopt in 50 laboratory establishments this recruiting by profiles. Thus, it would no longer be the competitive exams, but the school directors who would select their candidates. Emmanuel Macron would like principals to be able to set their own pedagogical teams.

For some, this approach makes total sense. Would we ask the coach of the French national soccer team to work with players he didn't choose? Especially since other European countries neighboring France have embraced a model close to what has been proposed. Whether it is Germany or the Netherlands, teachers in the public sector sign contracts like in the private sector and are therefore selected in part by the management. However, this proposal was not welcomed by the teaching unions. Quite the contrary...

A divisive project

Already, some regret that this plan and the funds associated with it are only intended for a few establishments, while all those in the Marseille region are in dire need. An unequal approach that will do nothing, according to many unions and teachers, to help the issue of public schools.

Others were rather surprised by this announcement, which does not take into account what was raised by school principals during the Grenelle de l'Education. Indeed, none of them formally asked to be able to choose their teachers. Instead, they pointed far more to a lack of time, administrative help and financial resources. All of which the Macron plan addresses very little, if at all.

Finally, many unions are concerned about this experimentation that would relegate the teacher to a mere employee in the service of a principal. A more entrepreneurial approach to education that has many worried. Should schools become just another business? That's the question this project asks.

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