Publish at June 14 2022 Updated June 20 2022

These homeless students in the United States

The precariousness of young American adults

The United States is often associated with wealth, with the American dream. However, this flagship country of the West also hides extreme poverty. The cost of living here is rather high and the price of higher education even more so. Even the scholarships that cover these costs do not provide enough money to live on. Thus, a still important part of the future American elite has difficulties to find housing and food.

This ARTE report shows this reality of young adults who sleep and revise in their cars with the fear of being arrested by the police for illegal parking. 10-15% of California students have reportedly experienced a period of homelessness and this number is repeated in several other US states. Fortunately, there are services in place to help these students: food, roommates, jobs, etc.

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