Publish at September 08 2022 Updated September 08 2022

The school does not teach to dream

A young woman makes explicit values learned outside of school

School cannot teach the whole of life. It is too vast, too made up of various hazards to prepare everyone. Nevertheless, perhaps it is too conformist? That's the observation Victoria Guillomon made.

Farmer's daughter, she went to the city as a teenager to get the best education, find the perfect lover, the exceptional home, and so on. Then, the young woman traveled for a time to India. A journey that changed her perception of the world, she says. This premise is nothing new and might even elicit an eye roll.

Yet, this trip brought her what school never did: the right to go out into the margins and live her dreams. Thus, upon her return, she created a podcast "Nouvel Œil" that interviewed people with atypical backgrounds. In addition, she will succeed in publishing a book despite the doubts of those around her.

For her, the solution lies in action and self-knowledge to live in harmony with nature and others as well. Values that unfortunately appear very little in school textbooks. What if schools taught the importance of commitment to get closer to goals and, despite the pitfalls and fears?

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