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The quest for a better school life

A space for living and development


It is no coincidence that the new 2022-2023 general culture theme in France for the BTS ("brevet de technicien supérieur") is "In my house". Indeed, to inhabit, that is, to habitually occupy a place, has all its importance. If this is so for the home and we wonder about the evolution of our ways of inhabiting it what can we say about the school!"

The quest to better inhabit the school is increasingly put forward in society, so much so that many people feel deeply shaken between desire and need to fill the gaps felt.

The reason for this quest makes sense:

  • we have virtually all been to school;
  • if we are no longer part of it, some of our loved ones are;
  • if we work in it, we experience it daily.

This translates into a constant desire to improve living in school because even today this common place of learning is not for all of us a joyful time of life when it could and should well be.

Why does inhabiting the school not make us happy?

It may well be that the causes are precisely:

Of all the definitions on the word dwell on the CNRTL site, the one I like the most is the one that says that "to dwell is to live in a space that provides the necessary conditions for life and development". What is surprising is that this definition appears to refer to the living environments of plants or animals.

This "dwelling" would work very well for the school. The flower should grow as it belongs, not wither in contact with an environment that does not favor it. Students must be able to find a school and professionals who can offer them the means to develop their optimal potential in learning not only academics but also values such as living together; a school that takes care of their physical well-being (more hours of sports), mental (the notions of taking care of themselves and others during studies and beyond) and spiritual (more hours of philosophy, meditation and arts for their awakening).

If we take up the first definition of inhabiting, habitually occupying a place, it is easy to understand why the feeling of incompleteness and frustration with school is present. It is not by the simple fact of occupying a space that one takes hold of it as it should.

Own the school, better inhabit it

In order for learning to become more successful and sustainable in students, they must be able to better appropriate this place that is the school.

The how is sought and experimented with until we find what will validate it in each context.

Inclusion of all students in school is essential in this better inhabiting of school. For multiple reasons, "[...] whether it's accessibility for students with special needs or responses to struggling students and dropouts, digital in schools is proving its worth in terms of inclusion. Perhaps it's time to advocate for a new fundamental right, the right to digital access and training...enabling them to live in the ever more technological 21st century."

Schools are finding in having a motivating re-enchantment anthem for their school or in involving their own students from the proper conduct of the lunchroom or classroom cleaning or other spaces the how to better own and inhabit the school. Others, they have created activities in which students from three separate grades have to collaborate together for example to take care of the garden maintenance with the gardener and it works very well.

Recently, I also learned that for back-to-school for the little ones andnot just the little ones in Switzerland it is requested to bring slippers for the classroom, really powerful and symbolic for them to make the school they attend their own!

On your marks for the slippers option?

Image from Kartashova on Pixabay


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