Publish at November 02 2022 Updated November 02 2022

What is your food consumption profile?

There are several ways to consider changing your habits

Faced with a situation there are almost always different ways to consider changing habits and our choices do not all have the same effects.

For example, in food several parameters can be considered:

  • Environment: Co2, transportation, production methods, etc.
  • Costs: not all types of food have the same costs nor the same dietary value;
  • Social effects: places of production, modes of distribution, prices paid to producers, abundance or scarcity, etc.
  • Health: vegetarian, meaty, Mediterranean, junk food diets do not have the same nutritional values nor the same effects.

The simulator Healthy and sustainable  from Switzerland's National Research Programme - NRP 69 is available in French, English and German and proposes to analyze your food consumption profile based on 6 personas :

  • anti-food waste
  • vegetarian at his or her hours
  • the thrifty one
  • on the lookout for labels
  • the gourmet
  • attached to the terroir

By clicking on the arrow associated with each persona,  one can see the presumed amounts of food consumed and their effects on the different parameters.

Healthy and Sustainable - Simulator

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