Publish at March 14 2023 Updated March 14 2023

Writing to professional standards with Zettler

For researchers, journalists, PhD students and writers

When a writer of any status comes to be published, he or she usually discovers that the publishing world obeys rules that are quite different from those of creativity or research.

The PhD student must comply with the publishing protocols of his or her university, a journalist with the graphic charters of the various media, a researcher with the rules of scientific publications, a writer with the rules of publishing the type of books he or she wants; in all cases it is a matter of complying with the requirements of the technologies and institutions. Failure to do so may result in the eventual rejection of one's work.

The rules vary in different settings and their subtleties sometimes frustrating. It is in response to this reality that the markdown editor Zettler was designed. Zettlr supports virtually every conceivable way to link and identify your files.

  • Generating IDs for files
  • Linking searches and files
  • Tagging files

Zettlr integrates with reference managers such as Zotero, JabRef, or Juris-M. Zettlr strictly adheres to established standards and doesn't reinvent the wheel. It also offers a way to organize one's notes according to the ZettelKasten system. (See the Thot file on note taking)

Projects can be exported to several formats at the same time. These include HTML, OpenDoc, Word, LaTeX, Orgmode, Plain Text, reStuctured Text, .pdf, etc.

The production of table of contents, citations or references is supported and one even offers a readability assessment tool with four different algorithms depending on the audience.

The learning curve for Zettler is quite steep if one is not familiar with this type of software. Depending on one's background, one will accelerate the learning curve with introductory guidance. Otherwise, the instructions and online help are elaborate and useful.

In sum Zettler is a complete open source software to support writing projects. It is multilingual and is used at many universities. Free to download, it works on all platforms.


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