Publish at May 23 2023 Updated May 23 2023

Understanding energy through pole vaulting

Physical principles simplified by pole vaulters

A man jumps over a bar in pole vaulting

The question of energy has taken a long time to be understood. Although it is everywhere in nature, it will have taken many physicists, among others, to analyze it and put it into an equation. Even today, there are still grey areas studied by scientists, nevertheless, our knowledge allows us to better explain the different types of energy. Many of them are used in sports, especially in the jumping disciplines. Indeed, it requires a lot of energy to take off from the ground and land as far or pass the highest bar possible.

The pole vault is special because it covers several. With the run-up accumulates kinetic energy that leads to flight; the faster you go, the greater the gain, to the square of the speed in fact. Then, the pole transforms it into elastic energy when it bends. Moreover, the evolution from wood to composite materials has allowed higher and higher jumps since they are able to bend strongly without breaking. Finally, the rod gives back the energy in that of gravity giving the athlete the ability to turn and pass the bar, ideally not touching it.

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Image: andreas N / Pixabay

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