Publish at May 23 2023 Updated May 23 2023

Practice speed reading

The secrets of the world champion

An open book held by a person outside

Everyone has their own reading pace. Some will devour novels overnight while others will let them linger for months or even years. Kamel Kajout, a French engineer, is able to read and understand a 300 page book in 10 to 15 minutes. This makes him the double world champion of speed reading. A method which, as he says, allows him to save time, productivity and concentration. But how does he manage to decode the words so quickly without losing the meaning?

First, he analyzes the book. Its front cover, back cover (which he can read in 15 seconds) and its summary. He can then take 30 seconds to imagine a little and understand the skeleton of the book. Then, he starts reading and follows his finger constantly. It doesn't matter what method (pen or tutor), as long as the guide is visual. This keeps him focused on reading.

Practicing heart coherence helps him a lot. This is a breathing technique, lasting about 5 minutes, that is slightly similar to meditation. Finally, he advises taking notes, which is to say synthesizing on a keyword basis a book.

Duration: 3 minutes

Image: Pexels / Pixabay

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