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Knowing how to use what we've been taught is mostly a matter of practice. If a person aims for complete mastery of a subject, he or she will practice and put in the effort, because behind all practice there is always a meaningful goal for the person. If it's important to him or her, the discipline of training will be self-evident.

We train ourselves to train to solve problems, acquire skills, fine-tune gestures, respond to the unexpected events, achieve a level of performance, integrate different abilities, to resist fatigue, to withstand adversity, to assert oneself, to coordinate, to lead, to anticipate, estimating, reacting quickly and precisely, collaborating, etc.... ... all with the aim of achieving a goal that may be as simple as "pleasing your parents", "making money", "have a dream body", "win the cup" or, more subtly, "self-fulfilment". Training is an integrating activity, intellectually, physically and socially.

Training is often associated with physical aspects, but the importance of mental training is increasingly recognized. If only learning to to withstand judgment and intimidation, or to ward off the insidious poisons of self-validation and fear of failure. The entire social environment is affected by mental attitude transmitted by peers and by the organization itself, whether positively or negatively. Examples of societies conquered, colonized or ideologically destructured by centuries of oppression show the extent to which mental mental aspects can play on a large scale.

In education, it's easy to learn a language or a scientific field, but mastery requires practice and discipline. Now that transmission activities are more and more virtual, the field of experience acquisition and development of training environments is opening up to institutions. They have already begun to invest in this field through research, through the development of physical and digital infrastructures, and through new pedagogical approaches.

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration : Pixabay - TranThangNhat

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