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Cultural specificities and French language teaching

Didactic videos to discover the cultural and linguistic specificities of several French-speaking regions

Teaching with TV5 Monde

When you are a teacher of French as a foreign language (FLE) and regularly use video in the classroom, the site "teaching French with TV5 Monde" is no longer a must.

In fact, the website of the French-language television channel offers an impressive number of didactic videos for the FLE classroom that, moreover, is enriched every week.

Other than the richness of its content, its strong point is undeniably its openness to the different cultures and specificities of the French language. Several articles in Thot cursus have featured content from this site: "The place of the French language in the world""The art of caricature", "French-speaking pictorial expressions".

Teaching French and its cultural specificities

Even though FLE textbooks have made progress in recent years in opening up to the bariantes of French in the world, the subject is still very often confined to a double-page spread of "francophonie," reduced to expressions that are sometimes "stereotypical" and not very representative of the culture and liveliness of the language of the country in question...

Or, when teaching FLE in a country that does not publish its own teaching manuals or only a few (think of Switzerland, Belgium...), the question of transmitting the culture and specificities of the language of the country of integration is paramount.

Teachers are therefore often led to create their own material to make up for this lack and to best respond to the needs of learners. Indeed, language learning is not just about acquiring its grammar! The language skills to be transmitted are closely related to the environment in which the learner evolves.

Language codes, common expressions, cultural references, all essential information for a newcomer without which many misunderstandings or misunderstandings are possible!

"Ça bouge en....!"

With the slogan "Set out to discover our regions... And learn French! ", TV5 monde's "Ça bouge!" website offers an entry into the French language through its regional cultures (for now, Canada, France and Wallonia-Brussels).

It features: authentic videos, activity sheets made by teachers, information on culture, different festivals, popular sports, the history of the country, maps and numerous photos. It thus provides teachers with authentic material based on their language regions but also on those of their neighbors!

Unquestionably, a site to exploit for discovery and openness to the diversity of the French language!

Illustration: Qvasimodo art - ShutterStock


TV5 Monde's "Teaching French" site:

TV5 Monde's "ça bouge!" site:

"dis-moi dix mots en langue française" brochure:

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