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Technologies and teaching: review the organization of work in teaching

Survey of 9,000 teachers calls for change

Conducted among 9,000 teachers, this survey by the CSQ (Centrale des syndicats du Québec) demonstrates the extent to which the demands of digital technology are affecting tasks and the time that can be allocated to them.

Respondents came from all education job categories  teaching staff, academic and professional support staff, both in the school network, higher education and the private network (school and college).

The technological reality of teachers

It emerges quite objectively that teachers are in favor of digital technology, that they use it daily, that they see its positive effects, both on the relationships between teachers and with students, but also that they exploit only part of its potential and most often without support and without training worthy of the name.  The tasks are becoming more complex and added to the time devoted to traditional tasks.

"The lack of time for the appropriation and mastery of the various digital tools is the main obstacle to their use.

"There needs to be recognition of the extra time required to integrate digital tools."

Of course one encounters purely technical problems, but the bulk of the difficulties are concentrated around time: preparation time and appropriation time. Integrating the use of a robot, an arduino, programming in Scratch, a whiteboard, a 3D printer, augmented reality, a virtual tour or various pedagogical applications, any addition or modification to the pedagogy requires time and experimentation each time and a plan B and C if it does not work as expected. Since it is mostly about teaching the content of an established program and integrating it with new tools, training and preparation time are essential.

Work life, personal life

The boundaries between work and home life are dissolving and many teachers are self-training due to lack of adequate support and are committing more and more of their personal time to keep teaching up to their professional standards.

Practical appropriation of technologies cannot be decreed; it is achieved gradually. Faced with the complex tasks that technologies induce, it is utopian to think of integrating them into the educational system without reviewing the organization of work and practices of the educational system. This is what the CSQ is asking for.


For the full report:

Digital, a challenge to be met, support to be provided
CSQ Survey


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