Publish at October 09 2018 Updated December 14 2022

In the skin of an Uber driver

The less glorious side of the sharing economy

The so-called "sharing economy" allows citizens to offer services for less than those traditionally offered by organized groups. For example, AirBnb offers travelers the opportunity to stay for the duration of their stay in an empty home for, sometimes, a fraction of the cost of a hotel bill. Other services such as Uber have literally put the cab industry in a bad light.

So, many people have seen this service as a chance to make a side income or even become near full-time drivers in some urban areas. If some people think this is the golden goose, they may be surprised. The « uber » economy is not always as rewarding as one might think.

The daily life of an Uber driver

In this context was conceived a newsgame called « The Uber game ». The game, only in English, puts the player in the shoes of an Uber driver in California. He will have to drive to Sacremento and San Francisco. The goal, at the end of a week of activity, is to collect $1,000 to pay the rent for his little family.

So, in the manner of an adventure in which we are the host, we must first select the place of residence, the car that will be used as well as the accessories of sir. Afterwards, different events will occur and you will have to choose. Is it better to take the day off on Sunday or to use a soccer game day to transport people? Should we accept that person who brings food into the vehicle and risk staining the seats?

The game will be more or less difficult if the player decides to start directly in San Francisco where there are many people than Sacremento where it is necessary to go to the big city to make more money. To make more money, he'll have to try to beat the ride-hailing dime set up by Uber.

A game lasts about 10 à 15 minutes and, afterwards, the player can access the report made by journalists from the Financial Times. This one highlights the precarious living conditions of these drivers who want to earn their living by driving other people.

A game lasts about 10-15 minutes and afterwards the player can access the report made by journalists from the Financial Times.

This is not impossible but requires a lot of sacrifice in order to make a decent living. Without being a substantive charge against the company, there is clearly a reminder that drivers are not fattening their wallets so much as Uber’s. A playful pairing of the less glorious sides of the sharing economy.

The Uber Game

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