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In the beginning we share air, water, land, resources and also space; we share activities, time, ideas activities, time, ideas, imagination, rights and even data. If some people seize opportunities and and establish unfair laws and privileges, it is not fate but rather complacency that makes these behaviors possible.

When we try to commercialize everything, our thinking ends up participating in this mindset that we must be paid or pay to have, do or be anything. No scruples animates the profiteers and the youth are their first targets. Not to subscribe to their injunctions is almost to marginalize oneself. The descendants of Pokemon are legion. However, it is the others that we need above all. Our self-worth is essentially measured by what we can bring to others. to others. This is best experienced, learned and taught outside of the outside of the mercantile spirit and the school already does a lot to preserve it.

We are entering the political realm: what more can the school do to get us out of the prevailing materialist thinking? How can we return to the spirit of the commons, the common good and of common well-being? How to generate it, maintain it, develop it ? This edition approaches the question from several points of view. The moments of warmth and solidarity that we share are the essence of the Holiday Season; let's start there.

Happy Holidays!

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration: DepositPhotos - OksanciaArt

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