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Simultaneous Remote Interpreting at Online or On-site Events: 14 Mobile Solutions

Make people of different languages communicate online or on site

Simultaneously translating and interpreting, now

  • During a pandemic, public health requirements force organizations to migrate to online collaborative working solutions.

  • To adapt and continue working, despite bans on public gatherings, organizations turn to online platforms to hold conferences, webinars, symposiums etc.

  • With a global and multilingual audience and the impossibility of having interpreters or translators travel. It is more important than ever to consider tools for online simultaneous interpretation and translation (via audio or video) to allow participants to listen to the content in their original language.

Here are about 15 of these online simultaneous interpretation and translation  applications, some of which offer interesting advantages, particularly in terms of the level of engagement and personalization of the user experience.

With the growing spread of the corona virus pandemic around the world, many sporting, scientific or cultural events have been gradually cancelled or postponed one after another to help stop its spread.

For companies and organizations where the majority of activities are face-to-face, one of the solutions adopted has been to migrate these activities online. As a result, the demand and usage of software solutions that facilitate remote collaboration has drastically increased in recent days. In fact, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Team application, which facilitates collaborative work, has been used much more in recent days than in the past: more than 44 million active users every day!

The number of events organized online is therefore increasing greatly. Every day, millions of people around the world meet or mobilize online to collaborate and advance their projects. For event-based organizations, who used to organize international meetings, conferences or programs, the need and ability to do so online has become a necessity. During these international programs, participants speak in languages other than French, English or Spanish, to name a few. It is therefore crucial, when organizing massive online events, to also think about real-time interpretation methods in several languages in order to allow a large number of participants to be interested and to register for the program.

The majority of interpretation services were done in person, with sometimes exorbitant costs for the organizers. Indeed, in a survey report of 106 major event organisers around the world, almost half (46%) said their biggest challenge when organising interpreting services was cost.

Remote interpreting solutions significantly minimize these costs (equipment and travel) and are more conducive for any company considering hosting an international event online. So here are fourteen technology applications that specialize in remote simultaneous interpretation, along with their benefits.

1. Interprefy

This app available on mobile (Google Store and Apple Store) makes it easy to organize events, conferences and meetings in multiple languages through remote interpretation. This makes events more accessible and inclusive for different audiences. Here are the competitive advantages: 

  • Simultaneous and quality interpretation.
  • Available on mobile and easy to use.  
  • Cost-effective: no more need to fly in an interpreter.
  • Inclusive: various speakers receive the conference content directly in their native language. 


Ulang offers the possibility to connect remote interpreters in different languages with remote participants. This at the same time reduces logistical and operational costs as it only requires standard equipment to operate (PCs and mobile devices). The ulang is aimed at companies providing technical service for events. 


  • Create your event in minutes
  • Customization options for event, speakers, logos, etc.
  • -Access to international interpreters in a very simple way


3. Linguali

The first mobile app for congresses, meetings and events, to listen to the conference interpreter, or speaker, on mobile, without the translation headsets. One of the special features, is that it is possible to have 10,000 participants receive simultaneous interpretation in an unlimited number of languages. Total, Microsoft, L'Oréal and Thalès are among their clients. 


4. Parrotize

The platform can be used to broadcast live multilingual lectures in multiple languages. The audience has the option to choose and switch between a language offered by the organization and the original language. With the application, the translation service is fully digitized. It is no longer necessary to use traditional conference equipment such as translation booths and headsets. Delivery, installation and maintenance costs are eliminated. The audience can listen to the broadcast with their own headphones from their smartphones.

5. Interactio

Interactio is a mobile system that completely replaces audio broadcast equipment for live events. With only a laptop and internet access, any type of audio can be streamed to listeners' phones or tablets via the mobile app.

6. Dragoman

This simultaneous interpretation app covers more than 80 languages. They have all Balkan languages, most African languages and also many Asian languages. They also have medical interpreters and specialist utility interpreters.

They have flexible payment terms depending on the minute or number of hours, days used. It is recommended by hospitals, immigration offices, police stations and public services. The main limitation that exists is in the need for a high speed internet connection.


7. DT Interpreting 

As a pioneer in video tele-interpreting, and founded in 1999, DT Interpreting fully understands the importance of customer service in vital fields like healthcare. They have a team of dedicated professionals to help clients bridge the communication gap in today's diverse society.

Axed, but not limited to the healthcare field, their mission is to provide on-demand cross-cultural and multilingual interpretation and translation services through the talent, expertise and professionalism of their team members, using the latest technology and producing the best results, in a timely manner and at reasonable rates.


8. Pacific Interpreters

Pacific Interpreters provides language services to clients in the healthcare, business, public safety and government sectors. Their services include telephone interpretation, remote video interpretation, in-person interpretation, document translation, localization, testing and training, and expert consulting. The company's clients include social services, emergency services, insurance, utilities, government services, financial services, telecommunications, call centers, etc.

They have a team of over 10,000 trained and qualified interpreters in over 240 languages, anywhere and anytime. In addition, with specialized translation and localization services, as well as testing and training of interpreters, clients have the ability to meet all of their language access requirements from a single, reliable provider.


9. CyraCom Language Solutions

In business since 1995, CyraCom is the leading provider of language interpretation services for healthcare, and its interpretation and translation solutions are exclusively approved by the American Hospital Association.

Whether in-person or via phone, video, mobile app or written text, CyraCom fills the communication gap for healthcare organizations that need quick access to language assistance. The company supports hundreds of languages and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Interpreters at CyraCom's centers undergo a 120-hour certification course  three times more than what is typical in the language services industry. In the course of training, interpreters learn medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and other topics essential to interpreting in the healthcare field.

10. BeonAir

BE ON AIR makes it easy to conduct lectures, master classes, conferences and seminars without the need for special audio equipment. The app is a powerful tool for tour guides, teachers and students, lecturers, interpreters or anyone who needs to be heard by a large audience.


11. Boostlingo

Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Their solutions comply with all current regulatory and security requirements.

Descriptive video:



12. Wordly

Simultaneous interpretation here is limited to 15 languages. A video demo is available on the website:

13. Translator FM

Translator.FM is a mobile app that allows event attendees to listen to simultaneous translation via their mobile device


14. Kudo

KUDO broadcasts real-time interpretation of online meetings or face-to-face conferences so everyone can speak in their own language.


New practices, increased resilience

During the Corona Virus pandemic and during possible other international crises, the majority of events will take place online. While this was possible before, the robustness of the platforms is being tested and is improving. The success of an event is not only measured by the number of attendees, nor by the quality of the content, but also by the sense of engagement and interaction between the attendees and the speakers.

According to an Interprefy report on trends in the events industry, of the 106 event managers surveyed, more than three-quarters (78%) noted that attendees expect new ways to interact with speakers.

According to the same report, nearly two-thirds of event organizers (64%) agree that events are much more diverse than they were five years ago. More and more people from different backgrounds are coming together to learn, share and collaborate. The level of engagement, diversity and personalization are therefore factors that will make a difference among these remote simultaneous interpreting applications we have presented here.

They will allow organizations to continue to adapt and engage a multilingual and international audience.

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