Publish at September 07 2022 Updated September 07 2022

Not enough math in the curriculum?

Teachers ask for the reinforcement of the teaching of this science

What is the right amount of math in a school curriculum? This science has a pretty bad reputation. It is known to be difficult, that only those with the hump get through it, etc. So all countries could see what happened in France.

In 2019, a reform of the common core takes place. The place of mathematics is greatly reduced and only the truly specialized majors continue to push its teaching.

The result is that if, before 2019, 90% of students in the terminale worked on math, this figure is lowered to 59% during the 2021-2022 school year. As a result, those studying mathematical specialties are excellent (France would be at the top of the ranking with the United States) while the general mathematical level decreases greatly. The reasons given at the time consisted of a potential flight from science by students, especially girls.

Or, for Professor Isabelle Gallagher of the University of Paris, this decision has been disastrous for the training of scientists but also citizens in general who need a mathematical base.

The "fear" of science that teachers and parents have explains, for her, this disappearance little by little. Fortunately, in 2022, the French government announced another reform, adding a little more of this science back into the common core.

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