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Digipad - Multimedia and collaborative walls for your team work

A great way to set up collaborative activities in the classroom.

What is it?

To be useful to the educational community, La Digitale offers responsible and free digital tools to support face-to-face and distance teaching and learning. Among this plethora of digital tools is Digipad.

With Digipad, you can create multimedia walls, where you and your learners can post any type of content. Very effective for organizing collaborative activities in class, face-to-face or remotely, Digipad can also be useful for collaborating with colleagues, creating content with several people, gathering resources, designing virtual classroom sessions, etc.

How does it work?

Johann Nallet, a HG-EMC teacher at the college of Gémozac, offers us a Genially that gathers all of his tutorials on Digipad. What to accompany you serenely in the appropriation and use of this great alternative to Padlet.

N.B.: You can find this Genially also in Johann Nallet's article "DIGIPAD by Ladigitale: A free and open source collaborative wall!" for the Académie de Poitiers website.

For what uses?

- Johann Nallet

In the Genially "RUPN Training - Padlet verses Digipad" by Johann Nallet, he offers several examples of use and scenario ideas:

  • Collaborative work between students (with teacher moderation) - Ex. In geography, group study of several documents on the issues of the China Sea (fishing, hydrocarbons, control of EEZs, militarization, pollution, etc.), with the objective of creating a mental map assessment.
  • Work plans: succession of columns with activities
  • Brainstorming or preparation of a debate (chat, collaborative text, comments on the capsules) - Ex. Debate in EMC, current tensions around secularism (students post their opinions and can comment on the opinions of others - Preparatory work with moderation of publications by the teacher).
  • Collaborative work: several groups (or students) submit their productions, before a final global production - Ex. In History, study of the triangular trade by group (7 steps = 7 groups). Each group studies a set of documents and submits a synthesis on the Pad. Then each student reuses these summaries to make a final captioned map of the triangular trade.
  • Recovering student activities (assessed or unassessed) (with the moderation option) - Ex. In Geography, students choose an "emerging city" and create a poster to highlight the socio-spatial inequalities and factors of insertion in the globalization of the chosen city.
  • Introducing an activity: student document repositories in advance of an activity - Ex. With 6th graders in English, students are to drop off an illustration on a Pad that makes them think of Halloween, then in class commentary on these illustrations with vocabulary discovery.

- #ProfPower

In the article "Padlet: How to use it in the classroom?", the team offers examples of Padlet uses for teachers that can be very well applied to Digipad.

  • Gather video vignettes used in flipped classroom.
  • Create a documentary corpus to study during a sequence.
  • Store ideas and content to prepare a lesson.
  • Share content with colleagues, pool resources.
  • Propose additional resources to students.
  • Make a live question bank: students write their questions there during class and the teacher then answers them from the tool.
  • Gather ideas for a debate by creating the categories for and against.
  • Make a summary of field trips.
  • Create a collaborative story.
  • Gather different sources of information during a research assignment.

My thoughts on the potential of Digipad

As we've seen throughout this article, a multimedia wall is a great format for organizing collaborative activities, but also for sharing and gathering resources. Padlet has long been the most popular media wall creation tool in the education and training world, but it is also a commercial tool that offers a limited free version (creation of up to 3 pads). Fortunately very good alternatives exist and Digipad is certainly the best one.

If you want to support the "La Digitale" project, there is a participatory funding.

As a reminder, I also introduced in a previous article as a credible alternative to Padlet.

Gerald TIROT


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