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A lecture to be reviewed in higher education

A hybrid participatory approach is more effective than a fully lectured course

Elementary and secondary teachers receive about 1500 hours of training. They are expected to train the next generations. Yet in higher education, which leads to the creation of elites (including teachers), there is virtually no training to transmit knowledge. At best, teachers in France are entitled to 120 hours. What's more, the role is completely misunderstood, according to Jean-François Parmentier, who specializes in evidence-based teaching methods.

In fact, many imagine the good teacher as a genius speaker capable of captivating his or her students. Yet research tends to prove the opposite. These have shown that the success rate of fully lectured solutions is only about 65%.

On the other hand, if small lecture phases are accompanied by many periods of students working and learning together on projects, assignments, or discussions, that rate rises to 90%. Thus, the good college professor would be more like an athletic coach: setting goals and making sure everyone achieves them.

Time: 9 minutes

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