Publish at February 27 2023 Updated February 27 2023

Is blue light bad for us?

An engineer's opinion

For the past few years, we have been hearing about the effects of blue light, this type of lighting is generated by LEDs and also by our smart devices. A handful of scientists have called for protection from this lighting and the optometry community has even thought about special glasses. Yet, is blue light really bad for us?

A physicist and researcher at the French Society for Radiation Protection sought to answer this question in a podcast called "Digital World." While it's true that the glow can have an effect on circadian rhythm and sleepiness, photochemical risks are virtually nonexistent. In fact, it would require a much longer exposure and by devices diffusing it intensely.

Or, our phones meet standards well below the permitted limits. Especially since the researcher has tried these blue light protections and they are only marginally effective against an already not dangerous source.

The physicist reminds us that the sun poses far more risk to the retina than LEDs. Consequently, it's all very well to go outside, but on very sunny days, it's best to wear your UV protective glasses.

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