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Adjusting your screen to improve your posture

A detail that is important to avoid injuries

A good portion of people work on computers on a daily basis. However, this reality comes with physical issues. Already because it is not recommended to sit for hours in the same place. What's more, if working in front of a screen doesn't seem "dangerous", poor ergonomics can cause tension whether it's visual, muscular or to the spine, among others.

This trainer in prevention-health in companies has proposed a series of episodes on screen work. In this first episode, for example, he addresses the issue of monitors. These should always be at the right viewing height and at the right distance to see everything at once without moving your head too much. In the case of multiple monitors, they should be arranged so that they do not constantly require back twisting.

A suitable chair will then be necessary. What's more, the specialist suggests changing his position several times. This is increasingly possible with adjustable desks that allow you to stand up and sit down. For laptops, it is therefore better to place the machine on supports to enhance the field of vision and avoid always being bent over to see.

It is important to properly locate his office so as not to be against the light of a window and favor more diffuse lighting that will not cause visual fatigue. A wallpaper with colors that match the decor around it will also be less tiring to bear visually.

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