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Directory of 3D virtual meeting rooms

In a metavers, according to your needs

Glue 3D meeting example

Virtual 3D meeting rooms open up unprecedented possibilities for meetings and interaction. In education they can bring students to the places where they are learning, in historical or developing places.

Congresses can be held with "in situ" but virtual discussion objects, clients can visit projects as they will be in the future. Designers can develop their concepts in teams and evaluate possible problems and solutions, etc.

On the other hand, the time and resources to invest in creating meaningful experiences can be so great that traditional means remain advantageous. There are not that many clients or students equipped with virtual reality headsets. To get around this problem. several organizations offer the service of VR headset loan for small groups.

Immersive virtual environments incorporate more or less realistic avatars and their movements will depend on the equipment used. Controlling an avatar from a keyboard is not as easy as with dedicated controllers.

Among the advantages highlighted:

  • Little logistical constraints
  • No limitations of location, space
  • Customization at will
  • No travel costs or time

It emerges that these solutions are aimed at specific contexts, uses, and customer bases. For the general public, we'll have to wait.

Leading providers of 3D virtual meeting systems

  1. Engage VR
  2. Glue
  3. Horizon Workrooms - Meta
  4. VR Meeting
  5. Second Life
  6. Spatial
  7. Stealink
  8. Stealoo
  9. Tas3D
  10. VR Show
  11. 3D Creation

For more: Metaversification

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