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Carte blanche

Every moment offers the potential for questioning. As long as one has a direction or a goal, one knows whether what is happening is right or wrong. We can decide to be satisfied with it, change something about it, or more radically, start from scratch. This is the carte blanche game. We can even question the goal if we want to, but we will need a new one if we want to avoid wandering without direction, piling up inconsistencies.

If you could remake the world, remake your life, your place of work, your last book, your city, your trip... what would you do? A peculiar phenomenon, as soon as you start this game, you more or less quickly come up against the considerations that would make it impossible to happen. So be it. But unless ... and we start again for another round until we are no longer stopped by any consideration; we recognize them, perhaps, but none will be sufficient; the opening will finally appear, the crack through which the energies and the creativity of which we are capable will rush in.

Some people manage to pursue their vision, yet it does not fit any convention accepted by their loved ones. They don't expect any approval from them, just the satisfaction of moving towards their goal. Experiencing something without preconceived ideas is the idea of carte blanche. Sometimes it's about getting back to the original spirit and recreating what was lost or destroyed, as in a restoration after a disaster.

Lonely times like times of crisis are good for rethinking, as long as you don't let yourself get too down. But there's no need to shoot for the moon; make some music, do some crafts, talk to the neighbor, don't settle but try something else, carve something on the white card that passes under our noses, whether it's virtual or real.

Thot Cursus continues its summer rhythm.
Happy summer to all of our readers!

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

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