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Directory of expert systems

Managing complexity

Decision support systems, automatic management systems, intelligent agents, BRDM (Business Rules and Decision Management Systems), semantic agents and many other names depending on the specialization, expert systems help manage complexity and aggregate thousands of complementary expertises into a whole that can be used by a person who has not been exposed to the full range of possible situations and yet must eventually face them and make the right decisions.

Call center employees often use expert systems as do many businesses and industries managing complex processes in changing environments.

Many of the systems offered provide a low-cost way to cut one's teeth and assess the relevance to one's business.

Main expert systems available

  1. Clips - C Language Integrated Production System - Open source Expert system
  2. Drools - Open Source
  3. Expert AI
  4. Fico
  5. GenSym
  6. Ilog Cplex - IBM
  7. InfoSapient - Open source
  8. JLisa - Open Source
  9. OfBiz - Open Source
  10. Open Expert (Law)

  11. Open Rules - Open Source
  12. Pega
  13. Progress
  14. Vanguard - Knowledge Automation Systems
  15. Xpertrule

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