Publish at December 13 2021 Updated January 06 2022

What do we want for education in 2050?

A roundtable reflecting on future values in education

When we talk about foresight, idealized images of futures come to mind. Technologies augmented more than ever, humans seeking their role in this world, etc. Yet, we rarely address issues of value. Yet education also offers a foundation of values that correspond to the needs of human communities.

The Spinoza Factory was invited by UNESCO to reflect on pedagogy in 2050. In light of recent events such as the pandemic (by the way, the roundtable was held remotely) or climate change, the speakers dare to imagine a future didactics that is more naturalistic, i.e. that brings more nature close to the students.

School or what would replace it should, they argue, be a living environment that also works on learners' self-confidence, brings relaxation and activities that go beyond the mind with craft practices. In short, to be closer to real life than what current institutions can be.

Time: 1:36

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