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Educational anticipation

Let's engage in the exercise of envisioning the future of the school.

The state of the environment is recognized as problematic and warming is unstoppable. The effects have already begun to be felt and are prompting major social and behavioral changes. The migration of many people is very likely and their integration in schools is a first challenge. The change in lifestyle habits of the entire population represents a second major challenge in education: food, energy, housing, transportation, consumption. Education will definitely be involved and not only in schools.

Self-regulating nature is being challenged and we are taking over. If sharks were the police of the seas, we've decimated them by 90% in several areas. We still kill more than 100 million each year. We must learn to manage ecosystems. If forests were the regulators of the climate, their surface has decreased and continues to shrink at a rate of 5 million hectares per year. At an average of 5,000 trees per hectare, that's 25 billion more trees cut down or destroyed than grow each year. Whew! We'll have a lot of people to train in environmental management and... politics.

2- We also know that technologies are taking a prominent place in society and in our lives. They are still evolving and constantly opening up new possibilities, whether on the side of space, the quantum world, biology, robotics, A.I., etc. Only the question of the ethical guidelines of A.I. is a subject in itself. Education and research continue in all these fields and in many others. This is also part of the scenarios to be written.  Let's add uberization, cryptocurrencies, generalized surveillance, etc... the needs of regulation are numerous, even in schools. There is no tradition when something new comes along. We all have to learn and we have everything to learn. Collaborative learning will be on the agenda.

3- The old problems of poverty, health, drugs, violence, national or religious conflicts are still with us, to which are added new ones such as aging, natural or man-made shortages, and unforeseen events such as natural disasters, epidemics, and the delusional ambitions of some leaders.

The problems that afflict us can be seen as the result of flawed policies. Violence and destruction are the last refuges of incompetence and ignorance. Poverty is always caused by an oppressive situation, and disease most of the time too. Who would work in bad conditions without being oppressed? By choice? He gets sick and we wonder why. School can be a vehicle for oppression as well as liberation. It is also in the scenario that we affirm the humanistic orientations of the school.

In this issue, we look at what is planned and what would be desirable in education.

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration: DépositPhotos - monkeybusiness

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