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What to put on Facebook... if you're ever thinking of applying for a job.

91% of recruiters use social networks to screen applications... what makes them tick?

91% of recruiters use social networks to filter applications... what makes them react?

As soon as a HRM (Human Resources Manager) receives a job application,  he will immediately consult a social network in almost half of the cases and during the hiring process it is increasingly rare that such a consultation is not  made.

As a result, quite a few candidates are consequently rejected... and just as many are hired, but not for the same reasons.

As profiles and messages are not in principle intended for the employer, the latter considers to see a much better reality of the candidate in his or her social environment.

The following data is taken from the results of interviews with 300 recruiters by Reppler image consultants.

What appeals to employers

In order of sensitivity:

  • Personality and organization
  • Profile consistent with qualifications
  • Profile showing creativity
  • Good communication skills
  • The quality of the candidate's relationships
  • The quality of references submitted by others
  • Awards and awards

What turns employers off

In order of sensitivity:

  • Falsehoods about their qualifications
  • Inappropriate photos
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Negative comments about a previous employer
  • Poor communication skills
  • Discriminatory comments
  • Content about their drug use
  • Content about their binge drinking
  • Confidential information from a previous employer

 In sum, a little intelligence in one's comments doesn't hurt, and a little restraint, quality and creativity are clearly appealing. On the other hand, a little technical mastery as to how to create private groups allows one to preserve spaces for free expression and others for public relations.

For the full article: How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates

Companies are increasingly turning to social media to screen potential employees - Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University

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