Publish at April 13 2022 Updated April 22 2022

What do retired teachers who sometimes miss teaching ?

Continue to help, but without stress.

The reasons why teachers leave education prematurely are relatively well known, but even if teachers who persist in their careers into retirement have been able to cope with them, that does not mean they are willing to endure unpleasant conditions again as they taste the quiet autonomy of retirement.

If improved conditions of practice have an effect on the retention of incumbent teachers, then they will have the same effect on attracting experienced teachers who have left the profession and who would eventually consider returning to it on occasion.

Explanatory factors for the teacher dropout phenomenon

  • overwhelming workload
  • school climate, organizational commitment
  • multiple, unstable assignments
  • classroom management,
  • lack of ongoing training
  • lack of resources
  • managing special education students
  • professional dissatisfaction

Creating spaces where experienced teachers can take the time to help young teachers is one of the proposed solutions to ameliorate many of the factors of young teacher dropout.

This can be the pretext for bringing experienced teachers back into the classroom and at the same time opening up new "end-of-career" opportunities in conditions that are rewarding and not as demanding as the continuous care of a group of students.

Even if retired teachers do not necessarily wish to return to the intense atmosphere of a classroom, they can maintain more or less close contact with the educational environment. 

Here are various possibilities, not exhaustive, that are particularly open to them...



  • as a coach or mentor for new teachers          

  • as an expert in presentation and animation technologies


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