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The vacation season is upon us. Everyday life can make way for change, from quiet to adventurous, or from the frenzy of work to the quiet of a nature park, from the heaviness of media to the lightness of a disconnected morning...anything can lead us to a change of mood.

What could we try that we've never done? Open water swimming, Brazilian drumming, skateboarding, a VR session, a bug pad Thai? Sometimes the opportunity is just around the corner and it's often the people more than anything else that will make the moment memorable and transformative. Even if the invitation is extended and the people are welcoming, we still have to go to them.

What will we do? Take a bath in culture, music, social activities? Sleep it off? Renovate the terrace? Take that self-expression workshop? What we put off for lack of availability is finally offered to us. Where will we go? To the stadium, to the park, on the water, in the countryside, in another city, abroad, with friends? The distance is less important and our dispositions more accommodating. What will we organize? A balloon or geocache game with friends, an electric bike ride, a self-picking of raspberries or garbage, a picnic, an escape or invasion game? There's no shortage of new things to do!

An atmosphere settles and develops; it is made of energy and obeys the laws of human thermodynamics: it takes an effort to change and maintain it. Like a fire, it must be fed regularly. We are talking about animation, interactions, emotions and learning. Finding your own rhythm and that of others, giving and receiving, observing and showing. Surprisingly, a new atmosphere sometimes settles in and persists; adopted, it replaces the one that was only indifferent and that we stop encouraging. A new era is upon us; what we do with it may begin with an action as simple as taking a walk...many things can happen.

Thot Cursus takes its summer pace.
A great summer to all our readers!

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration: DepositPhotos - strigaroman

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