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The sum of experience and proven methods are the foundation of training programs. If these are adhered to, there is a good chance of achieving the expected result. If, in addition, the program meets a real need, its success is almost assured. Programs are attacked where too many innovations are introduced without their relevance having been demonstrated or which do not correspond to any real need among those for whom it is intended.

Between the great principles and the reality of the field, the distance is sometimes considerable and this for several reasons, such as the time it takes to develop a program and the speed of social, technical or cultural changes. These changes call for learning and attitudes that are so new that there is nothing tried and tested to propose. A good program also leaves room for novelties and questioning.

We especially like it when it is clearly stated what we should be able to do when we finish the training. Wouldn't the program then be a technical device and ultimately what you get is a skill, regardless of the program to get there? There can be 5 schools, 5 programs, but only one skill, such as knowing how to program in java, play the violin, know how to argue or produce rigorous accounting.

Teachers in the field make sure that everyone learns to the best of their abilities what will be useful in their environment or in achieving their goals; so they sometimes take liberties with "the program." Approaches adapted to the environment and to the students are worth a few detours.

In this new season, the Thot Cursus team is very happy to be back with you, the quality of this file testifies to that and new collaborators have joined us. Moreover Thot Cursus is now available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese with the idea of spreading the French-speaking culture on all continents. This is our program.

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration: Luminastock- DepositPhotos

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